Estina. & The Black Sheep., Jackson Aide, Writz Lang

$5 Cover / 21+ / Doors  at 8:30 pm

Estina. & The Black Sheep.
Founded February 2018, Estina. & The Black Sheep. is a garage dance rock band from Nashville, TN; whose live performance is a crowd engaging dynamic event. Their self-titled debut album released July 2018; and are preparing for their 2nd studio album launch Spring 2020.

Jackson Aide
Jackson Aide’s influences ranging from folk-rock to pop-electronic with the angst of a singer-songwriter lyricist that paints a picture of a broken-hearted poet and his notebook takes a new-age approach to crafting songs that leave the listener with a promontory dreamlike state without drowning them in over-dramatized production. Aides style: a “folk-rock-electronic-pop-art” mused artist with a wink of self-awareness that leans gently against a fashionable nod to pop culture.

Writz Lang
Lookin’ fer a little notoriety and a lot of bourbon

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